Those Who Don’t Support Development of Private Enterprises Must Be Corrected: Liu He
Chinese vice premier says ‘there will be no modern industrial system’ without such companies
Update: China’s Economic Growth Hasn’t Been This Slow Since Financial Crisis
GDP expands 6.5% in third quarter as government warns of mounting challenges
This Week’s Movers and Shakers
The biggest moves in China’s financial sector — plus runaway tech tycoons, tons of cash and the fall of an internet czar
China Must Keep Trade War Out of Financial Sphere, Noted China Economist Says
Beijing should also avoid retaliating against U.S. corporate operations in China, take the high road in dispute
  • Shenzhen-Based ChiNext Closes Up 3.72% at 1249.89
  • Shanghai Composite Index Closes Up 2.58% at 2550.47
  • Shenzhen Component Index Closes Up 2.79% at 7387.74
  • Former Top Internet Censor Admits to Corruption
  • China’s Economy Grows Slowest Since 2009 Financial Crisis
  • China Infrastructure Investment Growth Hits Record Low of 3.3% Year-on-Year in First Nine Months: Government
  • September Retail Sales Grow 9.2% Year-on-Year: Government
  • September Industrial Output Rises 5.8% Year-on-Year, Lowest in Over Two Years: Government
  • Fixed-Asset Investment Grows 5.4% Year-on-Year in First Three Quarters of 2018: Government
  • China's Year-on-Year GDP Growth Decelerates to 6.5% in Q3, Lowest Since Q1 2009
  • Shanghai Composite Index Opens Down 1.06% at 2460.08
  • Shenzhen Component Index Opens Down 1.26% at 7097.04
  • Shenzhen-Based ChiNext Opens Down 1.54% at 1186.49
  • Beijing to Remedy Inconvenience of Convenience Store Shortage
  • Shanghai Composite Index Closes Down 2.94% at 2486.42
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